Kenyu Mitsuhashi

三橋鎌幽 Kenyu Mitsuhashi

The artist page and works of Mr. Kamayu Mitsuhashi, who created the artist room "Samurai" at Park Hotel Tokyo, have been added.

Artist profile

Kamayu Mitsuhashi (real name: Hajime Mitsuhashi) Born in 1980 in Kamakura.

A lineage of Buddhist sculptors that has continued since the Kamakura period. In 2000, he studied under his father, Kanrei Mitsuhashi.

In 2010, he received the name "Kamayu" from Kenchoji Yoshida Roshi.

In addition, he is reviving the ``Kamakura carving as tea utensils'' established by his ancestors, and is also involved in the production of tools for each master of the tea ceremony, such as Omotesenke.

While focusing on the production of Buddhist altar fittings and tea ceremony utensils, he is also sending out works that are in line with modern sensibilities to the world.

works for sale

Cloud dragon figure

Ohama paper, ink mineral pigment, wooden frame

Size: H600 x W500

You can see the works at Park Hotel Tokyo 31F shop or 31F Corridor Gallery.

Please feel free to stop by and contact us.