Hiroyuki Kimura new arrivals

木村浩之 Hiroyuki Kimura 新作入荷

New works by Hiroyuki Kimura, who is in charge of the king room "Sumo" at Park Hotel Tokyo, have arrived.

"POSITIVE HAND" Ink drawing paper, ink 270 x 350 mm

"Fragments of a certain dream" Plaster, Gansai, Sumi, Chalk SM

“Kurohae” Mitsuda-e, pigment, perilla oil 200×100mm

"Samidare" Mitsuda-e, pigment, sesame oil 193×100mm

❺ ` `Shiokaze'' Mitsuda-e, pigment, sesame oil 200×105mm

In addition to the Online Art Shop, we sell over-the-counter at Park Hotel Tokyo 31F . If you want to see the real thing, please come and visit us.