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OZ - 尾頭 - 山口佳祐 個展 | ものくろ

OZ - Ogashira - Keisuke Yamaguchi Solo Exhibition | Monochrome - Monochrome

Artist Comment
Does color exist in "things"?

“I can see what I can’t see, I can hear what I can’t hear”
Such ambiguity reveals a clearer outline in the midst of chaos

In the forest shrouded in the morning mist, in the trees that have been quietly standing for a long time, in the fresh and moist earth.

Eventually silence will come and everything will become one

"Things" like the wind that dwells in all things are never monochromatic,
It may be a return to the colorful "Monokuro"

In a situation where you are always possessed by something,
I continue to express myself in search of colors

OZ - Tail - Keisuke Yamaguchi | OZ - Keisuke Yamaguchi

Ain Soph Dispatch
2023/05/13 (Sat) - 2023/06/03 (Sat)
13:00〜19:00 Closed on Thursdays 1-8-26 Kamejima, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 453-0013

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