Kenyu Mitsuhashi

Kenyu Mitsuhashi

Kenyu Mitsuhashi (real name: Hajime Mitsuhashi) Born 1980 in Kamakura, as a descendant of Busshi (a sculptor of Buddhist images), a lineage which continues from the Kamakura Period. From 2000, studied under his father, Kenrei Mitsuhashi. self-discipline and acquire the original intent of a Busshi, studied Zen at Kenchoji Temple, and in 2010, was bestowed the title "Kenyu" by the virtuous master Yoshida of Kenchoji Temple. Reproduces "Kamakura-bori in the form of tea utensils" created by ancestors, and also makes utensils for heads of tea ceremony schools such as Omotesenke. At the same time, introduces modern works of art centered around Buddhist artifacts and tea utensils to people all over the world.

Studied under his father, Kenrei Mitsuhashi

Bestowed the title of "Kenyu" by the virtuous master Masamichi Yoshida, head of Kenchoji Temple.

Organized the young artists' group "Project IKI"

Granted as craftsman by the head of Omotesenke, started creating utensils for him

Organized an "ART Tea Party" at the Park Hotel Tokyo (official collaboration with the Toei movie "Ask This of Rikyu")

Organized the artists' space "Art Library IKI" at the Park Hotel Tokyo 2015 Produced an incense burner at Kenchoji Temple

Artist Room "Samurai"


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三橋鎌幽 Kenyu Mitsuhashi

Cloud dragon figure Kenyu Mitsuhashi

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